Sol Photography has now opened SOLO INK to the public!💥

SOLO INK is a new brand✨ and online store🖥.

Selling hand drawn, prints/stickers!

Can be printed onto your choice of items:






Mouse Mats🔳


Phone Cases📱

Head over to instagram @_soloink to see the art!

Sol’s Thoughts..

Social media has become very influential over the years but it has also become beneficial to people, to study, find people they thought they’d never see again, to follow inspirational people and positive vibe pages, it gives people a chance.
I want my photography to spark opinions and conversations, inspiration and creativity.
But I also want to use my photography accounts to also spread positive vibes to my followers, to inspire people to have faith and hope, promote a positive way of thinking, and to always find the silver lining..
We need to see life as a gift, a chance to make a change, make your mark on this earth in positive ways. Every day is a new chance to do something new, reconnect, create, love, laugh and live happily.
A happy mind creates a happy life.
Go outside, for a walk, take a breath of fresh air and some time to think, embrace nature and yourself, be your own best friend.

Never stop trying to be the best version of You.

You can do anything you set your mind to.

Good Vibes to You!


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Models+WantedLooking for a variety of new different models!

Male and Female

All ages

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Have a good day! Good Vibes to You!

“Storms make tree take deeper roots”

Advice From A Tree:

•Stand tall and proud.

•Sink your roots into the earth.

•Go out on a limb.

•Remember your roots.

•Be content with your natural beauty.

•Drink plenty of water.

•Enjoy the view


Never give up because great things take time..