Women should empower one another!

This was one of my favourite shoots to do and the fact that it was a shoot that would really help push my name was just the cherry on the cake. Yet, as soon as I posted it, someone had a really negative attitude towards it. From then on, this shoot became and felt something more than me just merely photographing a woman in less clothing. It became a celebration of females across the globe and a stand against the double standards of society. I believe if I had photographed a man in underwear or in a towel then nothing would have been said except the likelihood of people speculating who he was. I’d like to make it clear at this point that this isn’t me being against men because men as well should be able to show off their body and not be criticised by people for being able to do so in the wake of females not being able to freely, unless you’re a lingerie and swimwear model, or a celebrity. There are certain factors that restrict women from showing off their body, but the ones I have in my mind are to some extent self-imposed and if a woman chooses to not show off her body then that’s completely acceptable. So why criticise a girl for following through with the cliché ‘if you’ve got it, flaunt it’? Why project this idea of democracy, freedom and equality when our fundamental being – our body and our minds – are restricted to a certain degree. Why can’t women post photos of women who are flaunting their body? The only answers I can think of is; ‘because women’s bodies are different to men’s’, ‘because its vulgar’, ‘because women should be covered up’, ‘because e.t.c
Now I’m calling on all women and men to join us in our push against these blinkered views and applaud those who – among all the cold attitudes, the judgement, the ‘shame’ and the negativity of people – still will put themselves out there.

-Sol Photography

To see full shoot go to Celebration Of The Female folder.

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